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I'm Greg Pratt, the Chief of the Office of the Independent Blogger. The headline of my site reads, "Independent in the same sense that Ken Starr was which means not very Independent indeed." For almost all of the time that I've had this website, since the Spring, that has been a sarcastic joke. Now, as we approach tomorrow's elections in Iraq, I have found myself to be Bipartisan by Iraq. Check it out and, in the meantime, here's two paragraphs that I'm quite proud of:

Tomorrow is a big day in Iraq, and a great day for the world. I may sound like I’m swooning for Bush but I’m not. I am a strong believer in Democracy and will support anyone who makes true efforts for it. For his goals in Iraq George Bush deserves credit and support, I feel. But he isn’t the only one, and it isn’t just Republicans, either. Some papers have asked whose side the Democrats are on. All Democrats are on the side of our troops, although some believe it would be in their best interest to withdraw while others think they should stick around in Iraq until the job is done. It’s an unfair and asinine question to ask “what side the Democrats are on.” Harry Truman used to joke that, because he was so partisan, whenever “someone tells me that they’re bipartisan I know that they’re going to vote against me!” All of my life I’ve been that partisan but not today, not in Iraq. It’s, frankly, not a partisan issue.

Tomorrow is a great day for Humanity, and I will be proud of George Bush for doing the right thing in Iraq. I don’t like his handling of the war, I don’t believe he’s done a perfect job, I’d rather have another politician, preferably a Democrat, handling the war but you fight your wars with the President you have, not the one you wish you had. And tomorrow, we should be proud of the President we have and the elections that Iraq has. Democracy is a beautiful thing that must be nurtured, sometimes by stronger third parties, for it to grow. It must be protected from those that would assail it, usually by stronger parties, for it to survive. It must be encouraged, for even the brightest lights will turn to black if not cleaned of dust. And that is why I support the War in Iraq.

If I were less capable of spelling, our current path on the matter of Iran would elicit just as much support as Iraq does from me but it doesn't. When you've caught fire in a chemist's lab, you don't stop drop and roll: you shower yourself in the corner of the room. It's the same with Iran. Give it a read through -- you'll never believe how ridiculous some Conservative ideas are for dealing with the Mullahs. Want a hint? "Leave the Nukes, Take Out The Mullahs." Brilliant, if only it would work.

Ever have the government ban smoking in your city? I have. And have you ever been bothered by your party's reaction to an article that may be fake? I have. Ever thought that the President was being less than candid? I have, and you can read about these things here. While we're talking about a political potpourri, there's Tookie Williams, who has now been executed, and here is Me on why he's Not Redeemed At All.

Surprisingly, for a Liberal, I am not a huge fan of the 9/11 Commission. I think they're as out of order as they claim our current security measures are. So is the Congress, the Pentagon and the Law Schools who have a Case before the SCOTUS. I consider myself a candid guy. I'm honest. There's just no two ways about it as I call things like I see them and keep an open mind. Here, I write about a lack of candor, and end on this note: "Candor, on a last note, is increasingly hard to come by and al-Qaeda has none to spare. Bin Laden’s top Deputy to America: “bin Laden still alive and in charge.” More like, “Either hiding like a scalded dog or dead in the mountains.”

On December Seventh, Republicans Pearl Harbored Al Gore, accusing him of having given Russia permission to sell Iran nuclear weapons. For a moment, let's ignore Cheney's lobbying on behalf of an end to sanctions on Iran in the 1990s and talk about "the case against Gore," or, as I like to call it, a failed and transparent attempt to slander him and his dead father. Saddam Hussein's trial, the Right's fear of a Fight over Alito, the War on Christmas! and Rick Santorum's claim that he's helped "save Social Security" are all discussed here.

There are rumors of Chief of Staff to the President Andrew Card being fired and sent to Treasury, with Rumsfeld resigning and Lieberman taking his place. All of this would be bad for the country and wrong politically, for all parties involved, and so here is me on White House Politics. You've all heard the expression that Truth is Stranger than Fiction, correct? Well, in today's Washington Truth is Stranger Than Gingrich. That's all I'll say about that for now.

On December Third, I attended a Hillary Clinton speech in Chicago and here's my writeup. There were protesters, too, and it was an interesting day. Interesting as this post about the poisoning of our political stream. I know it's not exactly an original thought, that one, but it's still worth commenting on and I'd be mighty glad if you checked it. Finally, let me direct you here. Enjoy!

I am the Independent Blogger of the Office of the Independent Blogger.
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