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Oy Gay!, The Life and Times of a Fagele Cantor

THE DRAFT. (*musical sting*)

This one is for liberals and conservatives. I welcome all responses, as long as they're honest assessments and not "KERRY/BUSH IIS TEH LAMORZ LOL!!!1!!"-style flames.

The Bush campaign has continually insisted that Bush will NOT reconstitute a draft. Kerry's supporters argue that our resources are stretched so thin in Iraq that he's running out of options, and they point out (correctly) that Bush has resorted to (for example) loopholes in the contracts of retired military to force them back into action. They complain that Bush refuses to explain how he'll maintain troop levels in Iraq without a draft. Yet I've heard the Bushes say that he intends to reorganize troop levels in Europe, moving those troops into positions in the Middle East to alleviate pressure on our forces in Iraq.

Needless to say, my head is spinning.

So, Bushes: can you please explain how Bush intends to finish this war without non-volunteer forces? If he's using this heavily-touted reorganization of European troops, how many troops are we talking about? Will it be enough? And how much longer will they keep us active in Iraq?

Kerries: Can you prove that Bush's reorganization of European troops will NOT solve our military shortage in Iraq? And unless Kerry is intending to rapidly abandon Iraq, how will HE deal with such a shortage?

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